Star Engineers was born out of passion for building solutions to bring tangible results in the engineering and manufacturing of automobile electronic products. Star Engineers was established in year 1988 by Mr. K. Lal, a true engineer by profession and a seasoned entrepreneur by intent; Star Engineers since then have scaled the ladder of success and growth by manifold.
We have a well-knitted presence in the automobile sector and cater specifically to automobile OEMs as one of their trusted partners. We take pride in our state-of-art manufacturing facilities that allow us to engineer cutting edge automobile electronic products and a robust R&D Centre to take up challenging jobs in design and innovation.

Innovation is one of our key-driving points since inception; we have focused and invested boastfully in building our facilities to deliver next-generation products and solutions to our customers in the most hassle-free manner. Our sprawling facilities includes:

  • Vehicle Testing Simulation
  • Robotic Soldering
  • Potting Section... and many more...
  • Automatic Optical Inspection
  • 3D Solder Paste Inspection
  • Reliability Section
  • Testing Section

Stepping in our 30th Year of delivering quality to our customers, we stand strong as a team and our commitment towards driving excellence remains unmoved.

Chairman's Message

We are working towards becoming the World Leader as an Auto-Electronic Products Manufacturer and to achieve our long-term management vision for sustainability and growth. This calls for us to create a robust operating platform capable of delivering consistent growth under any conditions.
We are passionate about the Value-engineered products that we offered to meet customer expectations. We believe in focus and specialization; each of our professionals share our passion and pride to be part of our missions for Grow in the business of Auto-Electronics & Executive systems using the state-of- art- Technology.
We seek to deliver a better tomorrow as a trusted partner to our clients, embodying the values of entrepreneurial leadership, teamwork and integrity. We are committed to developing our business in harmony with people and with the environment.

- Mr. K Lal (Chairman)

Vision & Mission



Our vision is to be one of the most trusted engineering companies that is known for its innovative solutions, transparent ways of operations and high work ethics.



To deliver maximum value and trust to our clients by providing highest-quality, most dependable, and cost-effective engineering solutions in the industry.



Our values are the cornerstone of how we do business, our guiding principles and the culture of the company. They are the driving force behind our clear communication, superior performance, and professional integrity.

our Management

Star Engineers has flourished under the able guidance and leadership of our Founder Chairman, Mr. K. Lal.
Star Engineers has emerged as the top manufacture and OEM supplier of electronic products with Mr. Divya Ramraika serving as the Managing Director.
We are a family of 1130+ employees, engaged in Joint endeavours to take Star Engineers to new heights. Star Engineers is effectively made of various functions, which are managed by visionary managers.

Mr. K. Lal


Mr. Divya Ramrika

Managing Director

Mr. Neeraj Kumar Malik

CEO Asean

Avinash Adige

CEO India


We have constantly evolved and adapted to the changing scenarios of the industry, making our operations agile, swift and error free. One thing that has remained constant is our dire need to in innovate at every step, thus bringing value to our customers who have trusted us to be their partners of growth. We have always been delivering on our values and promises and never once compromised on the need to keep innovating and creating value.

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50 Million Pcs/ Year

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Corporate Office
R&D Centre


Talawade Production


Chakan Production


Sangvi Production



Hanoi, Vietnam Production Plant

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