STAR ENGINEERS (I) Pvt. Ltd., Manufacturer of Auto Electronic Products, was     established in October 1988. The stepping stone was put up at Chinchwad, Pune, Rich Industrial Green Belt in Pune.

The company is headed by Mr. K. LAL, Diploma in Mechanical Engineering (Gold    Medal), Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering (Gold Medal) and Diploma in Business Management.

In Hi-tech world, we at Star Engineers (I) Pvt. Ltd. cater to OEM in automobile    sector. We Innovate Technology to the customer satisfaction at an optimum cost.

A state of art plant to manufacture Auto Electronic Products by well qualified personnel's to meet optimum quality levels.

A strong Research and Development Center to take up challenging jobs in designing Innovative and world class quality products. The working environment is fully air conditioned and dust free to meet Lowest Cost at on Optimum quality levels.


People :
Source of our strength.
Determine our reputation and vitality.

Products :
Result of our people, process & technology.
Shall be respected by customers globally.
Our vision is to be the World Leader as an Auto-Electronic Products           Manufacturer.


Grow in the business of Auto-Electronics & Executive systems using the
   state-of- art- Technology.

Value-engineered products offered to meet customer expectations.


EFI Technology - Italy
Regulator and Rectifiers.
ECU for Fuel Injection Vehicles.

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